5 Car Tips Your Driving Instructor Won’t Tell You


The subject of car driving is like politics. Every one seems to have an opinion on how to do it right. There must be hundreds of things that you must’ve heard from your father, your uncles, your car mechanic and your car instructor about how to be the perfect driver. But today we wanted to give you some unusual car tips that you wouldn’t have heard anywhere else. So let’s go on a journey where we’ll learn about how to drive your car the perfect way. Here are five driving tips that should make you more confident behind the wheel.

1. Expand Your Vision

A large part of driving perfectly involves your vision. The better you see the road (and behind) the better a driver you’ll be. This means that you should reduce the number of blind spots as much as you can. Smaller blind spots mean you’ll crane your neck less. In order to effectively reduce blind spots, you got to work those car mirrors. Set your rear view mirror as you normally would, then tilt it upward so you sit up straight. Lean your head against the driver’s window, then set your left mirror so you can see the back corner of your car. Do the same for the other mirror.

rear view mirror blind spot

2. A Handy Tip

Being aware of where your hands are, comes handy in many life experiences. And driving is also one of them. And no your hands should not be busy with your mobile phone. Instead you can almost instantly improve your driving skill by ten points by changing your seating position. Your seat is positioned properly when you can hang your wrists over the top of the steering wheel. And leave your thumbs on top of the steering wheel instead of joining them with your fingers behind the wheel.


3. Go Neutral

A car runs on its engine. And the engine is controlled by the gearbox. So it makes sense that you should take care of the gearbox. The next time you are waiting for the light to go green, shift into neutral. This technique reduces the heat generated and therefore eases the pressure on the cooling system. This is especially helpful in increasing the gas mileage by a few gallons.


4. Inflate Your Tires, Not Your Ego

There’s nothing more frustrating than a flat tire in the middle of a desert with the sun beating down on your head. To make sure that you never have to go through what you just saw in your head with that last sentence, make sure to keep a check on tire pressure. Driving with under-inflated tires is the number one cause of flat tires and people having to go on all fours trying to change a tire on roadsides. Less air means more friction between the tire and road, which wears the rubber faster, makes the engine work harder, and uses more gas.


5. Become a Half-Tank Full Person

Yeah, we know that gas is costly. But do you know what is even more expensive? A car that has become a useless piece of junk because of an engine gone bad. Always keep your gas tank more than half full. The empty space in the gas tank gets filled with air. If the temperature is on the colder side, then the air will become condensed to become water. Since water is denser than gasoline, it settles in the bottom of your tank. If enough of this water accumulates, it’ll be delivered through the fuel line to the engine which is something you really wouldn’t want.

fuel-gauge_100382139_m (1)

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