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Cars have been around us for more than a century now. And they’ll surely be with us for years to come. But will the car of 2065 be anywhere similar to the cars as we know them today? Today we have decided to fasten our seat belts, put the pedal to the metal and zoom away fifty years ahead to see how much have our beloved cars would have transformed.

We have long fantasized about traveling at the speed of light. While, we might not be really traveling at the speed of light in 2065 in our cars , we really hope there are significant changes from how we travel today. The number of cars on our planet have been increasing at an alarming rate. Today, there are over 1 Billion cars in use on our planet today. This number is only going to swell in the coming years. And if we statistics are anything to go by, there’d be thrice as many cars in 2065 as there would be people on our planet. So it only makes sense that cars wouldn’t be running on paved roads in the coming decades. Instead they’d most probably be ‘flying’ between skyscrapers on the freeways made out of thin air. So the roads are now well..not there.


But technology won’t just stop there, if cars are to fly around the skyscrapers and on thin air, then you can’t obviously depend on human chauffeurs to drive them. If history has taught us anything, then it is that humans just happen to be horrible drivers. The first car was patented in the 1879. It took 17 years for a person to meet their maker by coming under a car’s wheels and that too when the cars weren’t even mass produced for general public. And since then, car fatalities have been on a roll (pun intended). To counter this fatal issue, self driving cars would probably be instrumental. The cars of 2065 would not need human drivers. Instead the cars will drive themselves. The numerous sensors fitted in their body panels will keep track of all the car as well as building structures nearby. This will make the sky above us a high speed super highway but with the accident rate of exactly zero.

electric car being charged

But now if you are not driving your car, then what will you be doing inside it? The answer is simple. Since you don’t really need the windshield now, the windshields will become windscreens now. With augmented reality consoles on your windshields, you would be able to get real time information about things ranging from weather, location to catching up on your favorite sports event all from the comforts of your automobile.

Now you must be wondering that if the cars are now whizzing past your apartment windows, then why isn’t your kitchen full of car pollutants. Well, that is because cars in 2065 would be hybrids. Yes, you read that right. But the hybrids of 2065 would surely be better than today’s expensive, heavier and high maintenance hybrid cars. Fifty years should be a lot of time to enhance the efficiency of hybrid car engines. Charge storing body panels will come to your rescue in 2065. Each and every part of your beloved car will be the driving flying force behind your daily commute. No more worries about the depleting fossil fuel levels or increasing gas prices. Just sit back in the comfortable seats of your futuristic car and watch the Superbowl as you zap along the sky to your workplace. This is the future of cars.


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