How to Avoid Car Theft

A car can be stolen in less time than it takes for you to buy a coffee. And stolen vehicles are often never recovered. Not to mention the emotional trauma of losing your car, something every car owner wants to avoid. Although car safety is never 100% guaranteed but you can sleep a little more peacefully if you follow these simple steps to avoid becoming the latest victim of car theft.

1. Look Where You Park

How to avoid car theft

Always avoid parking your car in dimly lit and sparsely crowded places. Be it a garage or a parking space, always try parking near the security cameras at a well-lit and well frequented place. This deters car thieves as they’d be reluctant to let the cops have a smug Kodak moment. Also, parking near the exits is not advised as thieves generally target cars near the gates of the parking space for an easy getaway.

2. Lock Your Car
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Over 40% of all car robberies take place on the owner’s driveway. Making a quick run for a coffee? Lock your car! Going inside the house for a minute? Roll your windows up. A simple press of a button can save you a nightmarish episode that is trying to recover a stolen car.

3. Say No to Valuables

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Don’t keep valuables such as mobile phones, laptops etc. unattended inside your parked car. Expensive valuables provide the car thieves added incentive to target your car. If your car could speak, it would cry for help every time you leave an expensive valuable in your car as you are unwittingly putting a big “bulls eye” on your car.

4. Keep Your Spare Keys Out of Reach

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Keeping your spare car keys hidden is an advice that is commonly ignored but can prove critical in keeping your car theft-proof. The spare keys should never be in or around the car but rather at a safe place far from the reach of a stranger.

5. Carry Your Documentation with You

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Never keep your car’s documentation in the car when you are not driving the car. A car theft can quickly turn into a dream heist for a thief if he finds all the relevant documentation in the glove compartment of your car. You might as well giftwrap the car and leave it on the thief’s driveway with a little thank-you note.

6. Invest In A Car Alarm

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A car alarm is like oxygen. You only realize its importance when you are really wishing you had it. Car alarms can surely cost some bucks but they will never be as expensive as the regret you’ll have when you’ll realize that a tiny annoying beeper could have saved your lovely car. Invest in a good quality car alarm and get it professionally fitted and checked.

Follow these simple steps and sleep easy tonight knowing that your ride will be safe in your driveway.

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