Hybrid Cars: Should You Buy One?

If you are reading this, you might be thinking about owning a hybrid car yourself or maybe you want to know more about environment friendly cars. Well, no matter what your objective is we can definitely help you clarify your thoughts about hybrid cars. Few months ago, millions of Americans celebrated the Earth Day which aims at saving our planet and making it greener. Every single day, we get an option to make positive changes for the future of our planet, but often the question knocks in our heads that where do we actually start from? The answer lies in buying and commuting with an eco-friendly hybrid car.

To comprehend the desideratum of hybrid cars over conventional cars, we should first understand the basic definition of hybrid cars.

What are Hybrid Cars?

A car is said to be a hybrid car if it utilizes more than one energy source unlike standard cars to achieve propulsion. A hybrid car combine the benefits of an electric motor and traditional gasoline engine to reduce fuel consumption and emission. To some it may sound like an odd dichotomy that a hybrid car which uses two energy sources could actually be better for the environment than the traditional cars that only use one. However, this is why hybrid cars have the upper hand over traditional cars.

Here are few reasons why you should consider hybrid cars

  • Improved Fuel Economy: Fuel is a limited source of energy, which means it will eventually run out in a few years and cars will depend on gasoline and battery. Hybrid cars work same as refrigerators when it comes to saving power. The ‘idle-off’ feature in hybrid cars allows the engine to turn off when the car stops just like the refrigerator’s light bulb turns off as soon as the door is closed. A hybrid car saves about 38% of the fuel in the city and around 19% on the highways. Also, owning a hybrid vehicle will definitely result in fewer trips to the gas pump.

  • Better Gas Mileage: With the soaring gas prices, you get another reason to switch to a smart hybrid car. On an average, a hybrid car can give 6 miles per gallon better mileage than a conventional gasoline powered car. You don’t have to fill up gasoline in your car frequently because of the two power sources, which results in reduced cost and consumption. For example, a Toyota Prius gives the mileage of 60 mpg in the city and 52 mpg on the highway, which is much better than a traditional car’s mileage. If your current car gives an average of 20 mpg and you drive 1200 miles a month, driving a hybrid car could save around $800 or more a year at the pump.

  • Tax Incentives: The government offers substantial tax credits to some people for buying an environment friendly car. This reason alone is sufficient to encourage more people to consider buying an eco-friendly car.

  • It’s Hip to be Green: Every time the gas prices hike, the whole meaning of going green hits many people financially. It’s time that we realize that driving a hybrid car actually save our planet from smog-forming tailpipe emissions and can make it greener. Switching to a hybrid vehicle may seem like converting religions and realizing you just spent your life with the wrong bunch of people. However, the additional cost of a hybrid car can dampen the thoughts of many who are planning to buy these cars, but, it is momentous to see its financial benefits in the long run.

  • Don’t Worry About the Battery: You may come across some people holding a caution sign saying failing batteries before you buy a hybrid car. But actually, it is nothing more than a myth still floating around. Unfortunately, most of the people think that they have to replace their car batteries as soon as they’ll buy an eco-friendly car. This simply isn’t the case, in fact hybrid vehicle batteries last for a very long time and even if they need replacement, it won’t cost you the earth. Also, these cars come with an extended battery warranty, so no need to worry.

  • High Resale Value: Firstly, the number of hybrid cars sold every year are very less as compared to conventional cars, which is why finding a used hybrid car is not that easy. Secondly, hybrid cars are equipped with a better standard of equipment than their gas-only siblings, which adds a lot to the credibility of their price tag. And lastly, hybrid cars are more reliable than conventional cars, and reliability is an important factor that everybody looks for while choosing a pre-owned car.

Although hybrid cars offer amazing benefits, but you should consider few things before signing the dotted line.

  • Energy Efficiency: There is no doubt that all hybrid cars give better mileage than standard cars, however, the approaches may differ. For example, some may get better mileage in stop-start traffic, while others may do better on clear roads. So, choose wisely.

  • Fuel Emissions: Similarly, the emission profile of a hybrid car depends on different engines and transmission choices. For example, a car with a manual transmission is more fuel-efficient than a car with an automatic transmission. Also, hybrids are cleaner than conventional cars but some traditional cars with low emission can be clearer than some hybrids.


  • Not All Hybrids Are Equal: There are several versions of hybrid cars available in the market, some may be ‘mild hybrid’ and others may be ‘fully hybrid’. A mild hybrid car definitely does not stand anywhere near a fully hybrid car, so make sure you get the right one as per your preference. Also, a mild hybrid may offer better fuel economy than a standard car, but it will never live up to the expectations of a real hybrid car.


We will keep coming up with more such amazing blogs, so stay tuned for more updates. Please comment if you have anything you’d like to share.

Here is an infographic that summarizes the above content.

Hybrid Cars Infographic

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